Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday In-Betweeners

It is that time of year when our refrigerators are stuffed-solid with leftover Thanksgiving remnants and we are still reeling from the carbohydrate overload. Even if you didn't completely go on a Thanksgiving food-bender, you may still feel the effects of the holiday catching up with you. So many friends and family of mine have recently converted to an all Vegan diet, and yet I hear the same moans from them: "I am still stuffed from Thanksgiving!"

It seems as though the food itself is not the culprit in our seasonal "bloating." Rather, the weather and our social habits at this time of the year play a larger role in our weight gain and moods. These trends harken back to ancient times, and can be difficult to avoid, as they are laws of nature.

Our bodies know that the year is coming to an end, and that winter weather is creeping in on us. The body's natural defense against this weather is to put on a little extra fat in order to insulate our sensitive bodies to the impending cold. So even if we managed to refrain from extreme overeating on Thanksgiving, our bodies took every little bit of that sustenance and held onto it with a fierce grip.

This natural nutrient-hoarding will continue through the rest of the winter as well; that means that we have several months of dealing with our bodies' desire to plump us up to a healthy winter weight. This is not as devastating as it sounds though. We should not allow ourselves to be driven crazy by what is our bodies' natural responses to perennial changes in climate. We should instead feel grateful that our bodies are working properly, as this weight-gain is a sign that no diseases such as diabetes are present.

So this year, instead of worrying the season away about a few pesky pounds, let's instead be grateful for our health, and power-through this Christmas season while simply continuing to eat healthy and modestly.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Treating the Pain of Eating Disorders

An estimated 1 in 3 women in the United States will battle an eating disorder in their lifetime. This staggering figure is evidence of an epidemic, but what is being done about it?

Unfortunately, eating disorders are diseases of the mind; these diseases are brought on by the fragility of human emotions and self image. Being that the mind is so sensitive to outside influences, especially when it comes to self image, the obvious answer to the problem is to provide comfort and support to those worried about the appearance of their bodies. However, to do this, you would have to wipe away much of society's popular opinion on what a "perfect" person should look like.

Aside from burning all popular magazines, wiping out the internet, and making everyone in the world look exactly the same, there are few options for changing the popular opinion of beauty.

Instead, eating disorder treatment programs focus on acceptance, ease and confidence, not within the whole of society, but rather in the minds of the afflicted individuals. After all, you can't fix a broken world, but you can make yourself better.

New Dawn Recovery is an eating disorder center of California that knows the importance instilling those with body image issues full of self esteem and confidence. Their affordable eating disorder treatment programs aim to break down the stereotypical fallacies that popular society has built up in their minds, and replace that with an acceptance of natural beauty.

It may be hard to believe, because we have been inundated with it for much of our lives, but the popular opinion of what beauty is, is an unnatural and skewed opinion that was created simply to make money. Tactics employed by marketing agencies and corporations have tainted our perception of ourselves and left us with an opinion that is not our own, but was manufactured and branded into our minds.

The challenge for an eating disorder treatment administrator is to strip away these false opinions and train the mind accept its own natural opinions that have been hidden away for so long. Once the process has begun, a person suffering with an eating disorder begins to regain confidence and the ultimate goal is to revive that individual and equip them with the sight to see beauty in themselves once again.

To learn more about eating disorders and treatment program options for those suffering with this disorder visit:

Monday, November 12, 2012

How Liposuction Can Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Rocklin Cosmetic Surgery, who perform laser liposuction in Sacramento, know very well the stigma attached to liposuction procedures. The stigma and negative attitude toward both the procedure and those who elect to have it can be quite harsh. "Why don't they just exercise to lose the fat instead of having it surgically removed," some might say; others may call liposuction patients simply "lazy."

The fact is, that many overweight individuals have such a poor self image that it can be physically and mentally debilitating. Depression, anxiety, and overeating can be symptoms of poor self esteem and self-image. For a person in this state of mind, simply going for a walk to exercise can seem hopeless, make them feel worse, and the debilitating cycle starts anew.

For people in this state of mind, a liposuction procedure can be their saving grace. When liposuction is performed, weight loss results are achieved immediately. Many times, when the individual sees the results of the procedure, their self esteem is immediately affected positively; inspiration can be drawn from this new self view and the individual can be driven -- quite powerfully -- to maintain that new feeling of self confidence.

This, like everything, is not an infallible notion. There are instances when liposuction does not create the drive for healthier living, but for those that have seen positive benefits from liposuction have done exceedingly well at devoting themselves toward a healthier way of life. These individuals do not deserve the stigma that liposuction patients are all lazy; the procedure too should not be stigmatized, but simply accepted as medical procedure that aims to restore confidence and help those that are afflicted with physical and/or mental strife.