Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Treating the Pain of Eating Disorders

An estimated 1 in 3 women in the United States will battle an eating disorder in their lifetime. This staggering figure is evidence of an epidemic, but what is being done about it?

Unfortunately, eating disorders are diseases of the mind; these diseases are brought on by the fragility of human emotions and self image. Being that the mind is so sensitive to outside influences, especially when it comes to self image, the obvious answer to the problem is to provide comfort and support to those worried about the appearance of their bodies. However, to do this, you would have to wipe away much of society's popular opinion on what a "perfect" person should look like.

Aside from burning all popular magazines, wiping out the internet, and making everyone in the world look exactly the same, there are few options for changing the popular opinion of beauty.

Instead, eating disorder treatment programs focus on acceptance, ease and confidence, not within the whole of society, but rather in the minds of the afflicted individuals. After all, you can't fix a broken world, but you can make yourself better.

New Dawn Recovery is an eating disorder center of California that knows the importance instilling those with body image issues full of self esteem and confidence. Their affordable eating disorder treatment programs aim to break down the stereotypical fallacies that popular society has built up in their minds, and replace that with an acceptance of natural beauty.

It may be hard to believe, because we have been inundated with it for much of our lives, but the popular opinion of what beauty is, is an unnatural and skewed opinion that was created simply to make money. Tactics employed by marketing agencies and corporations have tainted our perception of ourselves and left us with an opinion that is not our own, but was manufactured and branded into our minds.

The challenge for an eating disorder treatment administrator is to strip away these false opinions and train the mind accept its own natural opinions that have been hidden away for so long. Once the process has begun, a person suffering with an eating disorder begins to regain confidence and the ultimate goal is to revive that individual and equip them with the sight to see beauty in themselves once again.

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